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Valve Products

Consumers Pipe & Supply Co. Valves Products
Consumers Pipe & Supply Co. carries one of the most comprehensive line of valve products available in the United States. Below is a list of the types of valves and manufacturers that we carry. Please contact us at any time for more information, or view our online catalog for a complete listing of all of the valve products that we offer.

Backflow Preventer Valves Cla-Val, Conbraco, Watts
Ball Valves Apollo, Cam-Tite, NIBCO, Jamesbury
Ball (Lined) Valves Cam-Line
Blowdown Valves Everlasting
Bronze & Iron Valves Crane, Durabla, NIBCO
Butterfly Valves Apollo, Centerline, Consumers PipeCrane, NIBCO
Butterfly (High Perf) Valves Flowseal, Jamesbury
Cast Steel Valves Crane, Jenkins, Bonney Force, Newco
Check (Specialty) Valves Durabla, ITT Engineered Valves
Cock Valves Conbraco, Hayes, Mueller
Diaphragm Valves ITT Dia-Flo
Drain Valves Strahman Valves
Forged Steel Valves Bonney Forge, Newco
Knife Gate Valves ITT Fabri-Valve
Mixing Valves Bradley
Needle Valves Conbraco, Dragon, FloLok
Pinch Valves Linatex
Plug Valves Resun, Wedgeplug
Pressure Reducing Valves Cla-Val, Spirax Sarco
Relief Valves Conbraco, Kingston, Kunkle
Sampling Valves Strahman Valves
Sanitary Valves Dixon Sanitary
Slurry Valves ITT Engineered Valves, Linatex
Stainless & Alloy Valves Aloyco, Fabri-Valve
Tank Bottom Valves Strahman Valves
Temperature Control Valves Spirax Sarco, Trerice
Thermoplastic Valves Chemtrol, Hayward, Spears
Wafer Check Valves Duo-Check, Durabla, Marlin, Mueller
Y-Pattern Globe & Check Valves EG&G Sealol Eagle, Bonney Forge

Consumers Pipe & Supply Co. is proud to be able to provide only the highest-quality valve products in the pipe, valve, and fittings industry. We supply products from the top-rated manufacturers in the business. So whether you are looking for a Conbraco needle valve, an Everlasting blowdown valve, an Apollo ball valve, a NIBCO butterfly valve, a Linatex pinch valve, a Strahman Valves drain valve, a Mueller cock valve, a Spirax Sarco temperature control valve, an Aloyco stainless steel gate valve, or any other valve, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best product available for all of your pipe, valve, and fittings needs. Call us today to place an order.