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Compounds & Sealants Products

Consumers Pipe & Supply Co. offers a comprehensive product line of the highest-quality compounds and sealants for use in the pipe, valve, and fittings industry. Below is a list of the types of compounds and sealants products and manufacturers that we carry. Please contact us at any time for more information, or view our online catalog for a complete listing of all of the compounds and sealants products that we offer.

Anti-Sieze Never-Seez
PVC Cement IPS Weld-On
Teflon Tape Mil-Spec
Thread Dope RectorSeal, Slic-Tite
Solder & Flux Johnson, Bridget, Dutchboy, Canfield

Consumers Pipe & Supply Co is pleased to be able to provide the most comprehensive product line of compounds and sealant products available for the pipe, valve, and fittings industry. We supply only the highest-quality products from the top-rated manufacturers in the industry. Whether you are looking for a Never-Seez anti-sieze lubricating compound, or IPS PVC cement, or mil-speck teflon tape, or RectorSeal thread dope, or a Johnson solder and flux product, you can rest assured that the compounds and sealants products that you receive from us are the best products to meet your pipe, valve, and pipe fittings needs. Call us today to place an order.